Home Theater Installation

Outdoor Media Installation

Imagine sitting outside and enjoying your favorite show, movie, or the biggest game of the year while grilling your best ribs or roasting fluffy white marshmallows. At TV Mounting Houston, we can help you achieve that goal by installing the essential parts of your outdoor setup, TV, and Speakers.

Mounting a TV outside your house is slightly more challenging than installing a TV inside of your home, but TV Mounting Houston has the best team to do the best job! Whatever the strange Houston weather will bring, we will make sure your TV will stay as safe as possible. No challenge is too much for TV Mounting Houston to take.

We have a vast knowledge of installing outdoor TVs and know what it requires to finish that perfect outdoor home theater viewing experience for you and your family and friends. We can install TVs in bars, restaurants, and outdoor oasis’. We can install a TV on any surface, so there is no need to be concerned about whether we can do it. All you have to do is get a quote and schedule an appointment, and we will take care of the rest. We can install TVs on brick walls, stone fireplaces, concrete walls, and anything else that comes to mind.

Escape your cramped and closed house with an outdoor entertainment set up. You will have the choice to go outside and enjoy one of your favorite comforts of home while enjoying the fresh air. You can watch some of your favorite tv shows, movies, video games, stream music, and spend time with your friends and family without being on top of each other. Your backyard will go from the forgotten space in your home to everyone’s favorite spot. One-day installation service can bring the comfort of your indoor entertainment system to your outdoor space. Let TV Mounting Houston revamp your backyard, bar, or restaurant by combining outdoor audio and television installation to create the best of the best entertainment space.

Bring together your love of the outdoors with your favorite streaming service by bringing high-quality video to your patio, pool, or even your backyard. Investing in a television designed to resist any conditions Houston throws at you is the first step in an outdoor television installation. If necessary, our team will inform you about the best places to install your TV in your backyard. Tell our team what the main priority in your outdoor setup is, and we will deliver. Do you want to be able to watch it while you swim in your backyard pool, or would you rather have it by the grill so you can hold a cookout for the next immense basketball, football, or baseball game?

No matter what, we will be able to get the job done and leave you and your family extremely satisfied with the results of your outdoor entertainment setup. We strive to make the perfect set up for you to make our clients happy. Here at TV Mounting Houston, we can do an ideal TV mounting job no matter the surface we have to face. Taking in the world’s current situation, we want to ensure that we will provide an excellent mounting job for affordable prices. We will make sure our workers are safe and protected while doing their job, and we will make sure that everything will stay sanitized in the process here at TV Mounting Houston.