Home Theater Installation

Projection Installation

Do you want a movie theater experience from the comfort of your home? You can get whatever snacks you want, the perfect spot every time, and during these challenging times, you don’t have to worry about the people around you. At TV Mounting Houston, we can provide the best projector installation for your Home Theater setup!

We can provide mounting your projector not only in your home but in commercial settings such as classrooms, in your school auditorium, in your meeting rooms, in your training rooms, or anywhere else that requires a projector installation.

Installing a projector is not an easy job; many nooks and crannies come with installing a projector, but TV Mounting Houston has your back! We have a great team of professionals that are hardworking and willing to help and communicate with their clients. No matter how short or high your ceiling is, we have all of the right equipment to get the job done to provide you with a perfect setup to fit your taste.

What about projector screens? If you use a bare white wall you will lose a large amount of contrast, sharpness, and brightness, significantly impacting your viewing experience. Projector screens will make your viewing experience 100 times better and amplify the quality of your projector. The best projector screens typically have a black border surrounding them to help the human eye take in color inside the frame. The best projector screens to purchase all depends on the setup you are aiming to achieve. Our team will be glad to answer any client’s questions on the best screens for their projector!

At TV Mounting Houston, we know schedules can be tight, so we will always make sure our team is on time, and we will be able to install your projector as efficiently as possible. Just give us a call and set up a time and date to install your projector at your domain, and we will happily oblige!

We can provide a perfect and affordable projector setup here at TV Mounting Houston. We will connect your projector to whatever console you have, and we will connect it to a functioning remote, to a cable box, and whatever else you need. We will also hide any visible wire from your projector in the ceiling to provide a clean look for your wonderful home movie theater.

At TV Mounting Houston, nothing is too challenging for us! We can provide you with exceptional and affordable prices for a top tier projector installation job. We can provide you with a clean and chic setup for places such as your home for a perfect movie theater, your church, your meeting rooms, your classrooms and the list goes on! Give us a call, and we will appear at the location you need us before you can say “projector.”