How to Mount a TV on a Wall

Do you remember when you went to somebody’s house, and their TV was mounted in the worse spot possible? Either their TV was too high, and you felt your neck beginning to strain or so low you wondered why they would even try to mount it? That’s why you should look into researching how to mount a TV from a professional TV mounting service.

Mounting a TV is no simple task, but it is hugely beneficial to one’s viewing experience. Mounting a TV to a wall can conserve a lot of space in your home and provide you with a clean and minimal design in your home.

The materials you’ll need for mounting a TV are:

  • a stud finder
  • a tape measure
  • a screwdriver
  • a level
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • a wall mount kit to fit your TV
  • any writing utensil; preferably a pencil due to it’s erasability.

Before doing anything, you need to find the perfect TV mount for your TV. There are a plethora of different TV mounts in the market, but what one will butter your croissant? Here is a list of varying TV mounts:

  • Fixed wall TV Mount: This is a simple still mount that will ensure your TV stays in place.
  • Tilting TV Mount: This mount allows you to tilt your TV at various angles to amplify your viewing experience.
  • Swivel TV Mount: Using a swivel TV mount gives you limitless possibilities; you can move your TV left or right.
  • Full-motion TV Mount: This mount allows you to have a custom angle for your TV, whether you want your TV facing up, down, left, or right.

TV Mounting Wall Location

Next is the location you want your TV. What area provides the best viewing angles for you? Make sure you place the TV at a level where you don’t end up straining your neck or back while cheering on your favorite sports team or watching your favorite movie.

After finding where you want to put your TV, it’s time to face the biggest challenge of your TV Mounting experience, stud finding. First, your stud finder needs to be calibrated. Place your stud finder on your wall and turn it on. Allow your stud finder to read the density in your wall; this process should only take a few seconds.

TV Wall Installation Next Steps

After applying those simple steps, slowly move your stud finder across the wall horizontally. Make sure you go over a few times and start with a different spot each time, mark each stud you find. Make sure there are no stud blocks in the way.

Stud finders aren’t always accurate. To double-check your marked studs, use something to poke in the wall to confirm you’ve found a stud. To ensure your marks are even, use a level.

When you’re done making sure your marks are even, it’s time to drill your holes in your marked areas. After drilling, place your bracket on your wall and make sure it’s even before further tightening. Before doing anything else, determine how you will hide your wires. Everyone knows unconcealed wires are the downfall of a beautiful TV setup.

After determining how you want to conceal your wires, it’s time for assembly. Lock the arms onto the bracket, make sure there are no loose bolts, and make sure you have reliable connections. After your TV is mounted, you should be able to give it a loving tug to ensure it’s stable.

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You mounted your TV like a professional TV mounting company. If you have any questions, give us a call (832) 408-1995, and we will provide you with the best answer a service could provide.

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